[July 10th 2018] Updated to Rank 10, added Pied Piper and Exorcist!

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by Flash (Jul 11th 2018)
The skill simulator has been updated to support Rank 10. Rank 8 classes Pied Piper and More...
News 5
by Flash (Apr 25th 2018)
The classes Nak Muay, Retiarius and Onmyoji have been added to the database and skill simulator. More...
News 8
by Flash (Dec 13th 2017)
All new "Rank 9" classes have been added to the skill simulator. The database has been updated accordingly. More...
News 11
by Flash (May 16th 2017)
The database has been updated to the newest version of the game and will be updated after each maintenance again. More...
News 19
by Flash (Dec 28th 2016)
Today's patch added a rank reset voucher and the hidden Cleric class Miko. More...
News 0
by Flash (Oct 28th 2016)
NEXON published a trailer of the Tree of Savior Mobile Remake. More...
News 12
by Flash (Aug 5th 2016)
imcGames released information about the new circles and classes of the upcoming Rank 8. More...
News 13
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