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Companions are creatures that follow the players arround. Some of them are rideable and some help the player fighting monsters. Some others will help the player in different ways.

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by Flash (Mar 19th 2016)
The founder's pack are now available for purchase on steam. All 3 founders pack allow to access the game 1 month before the F2P launch. The early access will start on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 02:00 AM (EST). More...
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by Flash (Mar 15th 2016)
imcGames added a new banner to the main website that mentions a new "Founder's Server" coming soon. More...
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by Flash (Feb 26th 2016)
imcGames announced that the international Open Beta will start soon. More...
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by Flash (Feb 26th 2016)
imcGames released a renewed version of the international website. More...
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by Flash (Feb 17th 2016)
imcGames announced that they are cooperating with Level Up Games in Brazil. Level Up Games will localize the game client and provide local support. The servers will be operated by imcGames. Players from Brazil will still be able to play on the Steam servers if they want. More...
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by Flash (Jan 22nd 2016)
The Rune Caster was added as Hidden Rank 6 Wizard class. It's using runes to cast skills and works best together with a C3 Wizard due to long cast times and Attributes that interact with Quick Cast. More...
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by Flash (Dec 27th 2015)
We looked up all NPC artworks that were added for the Korean Open Beta. More...
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