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Companions are creatures that follow the players arround. Some of them are rideable and some help the player fighting monsters. Some others will help the player in different ways.

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by Flash (Nov 9th 2015)
Brasil Tree of Savior posted an image on their Facebook page that shows a GSTAR-2015 poster with a date for the Korean Open Beta Test on it. According to this poster the Korean Open Beta will start in December 2015. More...
News 9
by Flash (Nov 4th 2015)
imcGames posted an announcement on additional beta keys. You can register from now until November 6th 00:00 (EST). Winners will be selected randomly because of the limited amount of keys. More...
News 16
by Flash (Oct 30th 2015)
imcGames announced that they are opening a seperate server for latin american fans. More...
News 31
by Flash (Oct 25th 2015)
Okay everyone, we got a few keys for a little giveaway. More...
News 3000
by Flash (Oct 22nd 2015)
We added Equipment Sets to our Item Database. It includes all Set Items and the Set Effects. More...
News 7
by SixPool (Oct 16th 2015)
imcGames announced the iCBT2 schedule. More...
News 43
by Flash (Oct 16th 2015)
We uploaded a new version of our Monster Database. We included many monster stats that were missing before. More...
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