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Companions are creatures that follow the players arround. Some of them are rideable and some help the player fighting monsters. Some others will help the player in different ways.

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by Flash (Dec 26th 2015)
We managed to get the class costume icons of the Rank 7 classes and even some icons of possible future classes. More...
News 24
by Flash (Dec 24th 2015)
We updated our Online World Map. It now looks like the ingame world map again. More...
News 2
by Flash (Dec 8th 2015)
imcGames posted an Korean OBT Preview post on their english Dev Blog. More...
News 7
by Flash (Dec 8th 2015)
NEXON KR announced that the Korean OBT will start on December 17th. More...
News 12
by Flash (Dec 3rd 2015)
MMOSITE started the voting for the 2015 MMO Readers' Choice Awards and Tree of Savior is listed for Best Graphics, Best Soundtrack, Most Anticipated and Favorite MMORPG. More...
News 2
by Flash (Nov 20th 2015)
ImcGames annouced that the current iCBT will be extended by 2 weeks. Starting today until the end of the CBT the EXP rate will be doubled. All servers will close at the same time. More...
News 8
by Flash (Nov 12th 2015)
imcGames released a new trailer on the G-STAR 2015. More...
News 13