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Cash Shop Database

10x Enchant Scroll Box64
10x Megaphone Box8
3rd Circle Dievdirbys Costume (Female)129
3rd Circle Dievdirbys Costume (Male)129
3rd Circle Swordsman Costume (Female)129
3rd Circle Swordsman Costume (Male)129
Archer Circle 3 Costume (Female)129
Archer Circle 3 Costume (Male)129
Ash Blonde Dye49
Ash Grey Dye49
Asymmetric Blend Cut198
Asymmetric Long Cut198
Asymmetrical Short Cut15
Baby Perm15
Battlebird Egg298
Battlebird Feed3
Black Contact Lenses49
Braid Ponytail198
Brown Contact Lenses49
Cleric Circle 3 Costume (Female)129
Cleric Circle 3 Costume (Male)129
Cockatrice Costume129
Cockatrice Head (Female)198
Cockatrice Head (Male)198
Crimson Contact Lenses49
Curling Back Perm198
Curvy Wave178
Curvy Wave Twintail178
Dandy Wave Curl119
Double Bun15
Emote Plus: Popolion39
Enchant Scroll8
EXP Tome9
Flake Bundle10
Goddess' Blessed Cube30
Goddess' Blessed Cube x10 + 1300
Grey Lens49
Highlander Circle 3 Costume (Female)129
Highlander Circle 3 Costume (Male)129
Light Salmon Dye49
Long Layered15
Long Ponytail15
Long Shaggy15
Long Wave Twintail15
Long-Wave Perm198
Medium Cut198
Midnight Blue Hair Dye49
Monk Circle 3 Costume (Female)129
Monk Circle 3 Costume (Male)129
Natural Ponytail198
Natural Wave198
Noble Dandy Cut198
Noble Long178
Noble Ponytail119
Noble Wave15
Noble Wave Perm198
Orange Contact Lenses49
Orange Hair Dye49
Pastel Green Dye49
Penguin Egg298
Pink Heart Contact Lenses59
Priest Circle 3 Costume (Female)129
Priest Circle 3 Costume (Male)129
Prince Waves198
Quarrel Shooter Circle 3 Costume (Female)129
Quarrel Shooter Circle 3 Costume (Male)129
Quiff Style198
Ranger Circle 3 Costume (Female)129
Ranger Circle 3 Costume (Male)129
Reggae Ponytail15
Ribbon-ornamented Double Buns198
Root Lifted Wave Hairstyle119
Ruby Wine Dye49
Sardine Bundle10
Shadow Perm15
Shiny Contact Lenses59
Short Cut15
Short Cut15
Short Cut Firm178
Short Ponytail15
Short Ponytail15
Short Shaggy15
Short Twin Tail15
Skill Reset Potion88
Slicked-back Hair15
Soul Crystal4
Soul Crystal 10x Box32
Stat Reset Potion167
Tied Long Wave15
Upper-bind Two-block198
Upstyle Hair198
Urgent Repair Kit3
Violet Contact Lenses49
Violet Dye49
Volume Curl15
Warp Scroll2
Warp Scroll 10x Box16
Wizard Circle 3 Costume (Female)129
Wizard Circle 3 Costume (Male)129
Yellow Contact Lenses49