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by Flash (Oct 11th 2015)
Information about our recent down time. More...
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by Flash (Oct 1st 2015)
imcGames announced that the next International CBT is scheduled for October and will run for approximately one month. More...
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by Flash (Sep 18th 2015)
We uploaded a new version of our world map. It now has the names and levels of the maps on it. More...
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by Flash (Sep 12th 2015)
13 new NPC images were added to the kCBT3 client. More...
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by Flash (Sep 11th 2015)
The japanese website posted a news about Tree of Savior which features images of two new classes. More...
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by Flash (Aug 27th 2015)
In one of the recent patches imcGames replaced the old class icons with new ones. More...
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by Flash (Aug 20th 2015)
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