[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!


Red GemALLStat Gem-
Blue GemALLStat Gem-
Green GemALLStat Gem-
Yellow GemALLStat Gem-
Test GemALLStat Gem-
Chinency GemWeapon or HandSkill GemThrust
Weaver GemWeapon or HandSkill GemBash
Yekubite GemTopLegSkill GemGung Ho
Jukopus GemTopLegSkill GemConcentrate
Stone Orca GemTopLegSkill GemPain Barrier
Seedmia GemHand or FootSkill GemRestrain
Panto GemWeapon or FootSkill GemPommel
Ultanun GemWeapon or HandSkill GemDouble Slash
Puragi GemWeapon or HandSkill GemWagon Wheel
Vubbe Fighter GemWeapon or FootSkill GemCartar Stroke
Mallardu GemWeapon or HandSkill GemCrown
Brown Rodelin GemWeapon or FootSkill GemCross Guard
Glizardon GemWeapon or HandSkill GemMoulinet
Lauzinutena GemWeapon or FootSkill GemSkyliner
Loftlem GemWeapon or HandSkill GemCrosscut
Earth Deadborn Scap GemWeapon or FootSkill GemSkull Swing
Boowook GemWeapon or HandSkill GemVertical Slash
Egnome GemSubWeapon or HandSkill GemUmbo Blow
Yognome GemSubWeapon or FootSkill GemRim Blow
Pawndel GemSubWeapon or HandSkill GemSwash Buckling
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