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Skill Database • Restrain
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Circle 2
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
ClassTypeReq Stance
SwordsmanMelee BuffNone
Lowers your maximum HP, but your attacks have a high chance of stunning enemies.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Self, Circle NO YES NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 21Chance of Stunning Enemy: 6%
Maximum HP: -55
Duration: 33 seconds
2Chance of Stunning Enemy: 12%
Maximum HP: -60
Duration: 36 seconds
3Chance of Stunning Enemy: 18%
Maximum HP: -65
Duration: 39 seconds
4Chance of Stunning Enemy: 24%
Maximum HP: -70
Duration: 42 seconds
5Chance of Stunning Enemy: 30%
Maximum HP: -75
Duration: 45 seconds
C 36Chance of Stunning Enemy: 36%
Maximum HP: -80
Duration: 48 seconds
7Chance of Stunning Enemy: 42%
Maximum HP: -85
Duration: 51 seconds
8Chance of Stunning Enemy: 48%
Maximum HP: -90
Duration: 54 seconds
9Chance of Stunning Enemy: 54%
Maximum HP: -95
Duration: 57 seconds
10Chance of Stunning Enemy: 60%
Maximum HP: -100
Duration: 60 seconds

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Dec 27th 2016 17:44:57
This skill is a little better than this. It starts at 6% chance to stun and rises by 6 each lv of the skill. At lv 5 this skill will give 30% chance to stun and lv 10 Restrain it will give 60% chance to stun. Stun duration is 1 second and can not be applied to bosses. Basic attacks on mobs that consistently apply the stun will nearly lock them, sometimes they can sprint run away between hits but they shouldn't be able to get an attack out. When used on players with consistent stun hits they can move a tiny bit between hits (keep in mind an attribute for this skill can add slow so they may be able to move very slighty but it is still difficult to do so) and they will be able to attack you. The skill will add stun chance to basic attacks and skill moves. This skill used with Deeds of Valor may be possible to stun lock mobs completely and even players, provided each hit applied stun.
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