[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

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by Flash (May 1st 2014)
imcGames started a new developer blog. More...
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by Flash (Mar 22nd 2014)
The FGT is over. More...
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by Flash (Feb 15th 2014)
imcGames announced the start of the FGT (Focus Group Test) on their Facebook Page. The FGT will only be available for korean players because they want to invite those to their studio for better feedback. More...
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by Flash (Nov 19th 2013)
steparu.com has released a new translated interview with a lot of interesting information. More...
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by Flash (Nov 17th 2013)
IMC Games has released the first gameplay trailer of Tree of Savior at Gstar 2013. More...
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