[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!


The damage dealt to an enemy is influenced by the attacker's and the defender's elements.
These elements are Fire Element Fire, Ice Element Ice, Lightning Element Lightning, Poison Element Poison, Earth Element Earth, Holy Element Holy and Dark Element Dark.
Non-elemental attacks are not influenced.

Element Table

This table shows the damage modifiers for all possible element combinations.
The left column represents the offensive element and the top row the defensive element.

For Example
Ice Element Ice deals 150% damage versus Fire Element Fire.
Lightning Element Lightning deals 50% damage versus Earth Element Earth.
Holy Element Holy deals 200% damage versus Dark Element Dark.
Dark Element Dark deals 200% damage versus Holy Element Holy.
Element Table

Elemental Skills

Skills that deal elemental damage:
Fire Element Fire Skills, Ice Element Ice Skills, Lightning Element Lightning Skills, Earth Element Earth Skills, Holy Element Holy Skills, Dark Element Dark Skills

Elemental Monsters

Fire Element Fire Monsters, Ice Element Ice Monsters, Lightning Element Lightning Monsters, Poison Element Poison Monsters, Earth Element Earth Monsters,
Holy Element Holy Monsters, Dark Element Dark Monsters
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