[Apr 25th 2018] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

Map Database

Name Order Type  
Name Level Rank Type
2nd Demon Prison1613Dungeon
Absenta Reservoir681Field
Akmens Ridge671Field
Alembique Cave3203Dungeon
Alemeth Forest2201Field
Altar Way1271Field
Apsimesti Crossroads1331Field
Aqueduct Bridge Area891Field
Archmage Tower Dungeon2002Dungeon
Arcus Forest3071Field
Area of Ruins02Dungeon
Area of Ruins Dungeon1202Dungeon
Arrow Path01Field
Ashaq Underground Prison01City
Ashaq Underground Prison 1F171Dungeon
Ashaq Underground Prison 2F211Dungeon
Ashaq Underground Prison 3F251Dungeon
Astral Tower 1F01Dungeon
Astral Tower 20F01Dungeon
Astral Tower 21F01Dungeon
Astral Tower 4F01Dungeon
Astral Tower 5F01Dungeon
Balaam Camp Site3003Dungeon
Baltinel Memorial01Field
Banquet Hall01Barrack
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