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Delmore Hamlet

World Map • Delmore Hamlet

Map Info

Type: Field
Level: 76
Revive Orb Useable: Yes

Connected Maps

Absenta Reservoir (Level 68, Field), Delmore Manor (Level 80, Field)


Population: 38
Respawn: 0s
Population: 28
Respawn: 0s
Population: 28
Respawn: 0s
Population: 35
Respawn: 0s

Normal NPCs

Other NPCs


icon A New Plot (Level 76)
icon Evidence in Ruins (Level 76)

Comments (2)

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Jul 1st 2017 16:27:23
Officer's Journal part 1 north of Amjene Sanctum, pretty easy to see
Nov 6th 2016 11:12:12
Collection @ Cooperative Central Plaza in the eastern corner behind the tower.
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