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Demon Prison District 1

World Map • Demon Prison District 1

Map Info

Type: Dungeon
Level: 151
Revive Orb Useable: Yes

Connected Maps

Demon Prison District 2 (Level 154, Dungeon), Aqueduct Bridge Area (Level 89, Field)


Population: 30
Respawn: 0s
Population: 8
Respawn: 0s
Population: 7
Respawn: 0s
Population: 30
Respawn: 0s
Population: 16
Respawn: 0s
Population: 10
Respawn: 0s
Population: 1
Respawn: 60s

Normal NPCs

Level: 1

Other NPCs

Level: 1


icon Old Pride (Level 151)
icon Shutting the Door (Level 151)

Comments (2)

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Jun 24th 2017 07:55:08
It's on the south east of Bjaurer Hideout area, behind a big tree.
Nov 23rd 2016 16:04:55
Map with marker for collection: http://puu.sh/srTUw/ce4fc6189b.jpg
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