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Nahash Forest

World Map • Nahash Forest

Map Info

Type: Field
Level: 223
Revive Orb Useable: Yes

Connected Maps

Fasika Plateau (Level 106, Field), Barha Forest (Level 223, Field), Vera Coast (Level 226, Field), Elgos Monastery Annex (Level 229, Field)


Population: 15
Respawn: 0s
Population: 25
Respawn: 0s
Population: 20
Respawn: 0s
Population: 1
Respawn: 60s

Normal NPCs

Other NPCs

Level: 1
Level: 1
Level: 1
Level: 1
Level: 1
Level: 1


icon Secure the safety (Level 223)

Comments (3)

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Feb 27th 2018 17:00:30
Collection at unnamed area, north of Siltas Vacant Lot, on the west side.
Jan 27th 2017 10:38:46
Kill counts of Blue Spion, Archer and Mage are 869, 647, 558 respectively yielding 29 Blue Spion Leather
Jan 15th 2017 09:39:30
collection chest @ https://s6.postimg.org/b5ijucfap/Nahash_forest.png - character current position
also complete the mini game @ abandoned farm will give you 100 increase in attack for 20 min
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