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Barha Forest

World Map • Barha Forest

Map Info

Type: Field
Level: 223
Revive Orb Useable: Yes

Connected Maps

Penitence Route (Level 143, Dungeon), Cranto Coast (Level 232, Field), Alemeth Forest (Level 220, Field), Nahash Forest (Level 223, Field)


Population: 5
Respawn: 0s
Population: 2
Respawn: 0s
Population: 4
Respawn: 0s
Population: 14
Respawn: 0s
Population: 20
Respawn: 0s
Population: 30
Respawn: 0s
Population: 25
Respawn: 0s
Population: 10
Respawn: 0s

Normal NPCs

Level: 1

Other NPCs

Level: 1
Level: 1


icon Never again (Level 223)
icon Sarma's Vain Dreams (Level 223)

Comments (12)

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Jan 16th 2017 19:57:58
collection chest @ character location - https://s6.postimg.org/ur7h9wynl/Barha_Forest.png

grey wing frog - royal mage robe recipe
green Rafflesia - royal guard glove recipe
big red griba - gem bracelet recipe

the hidden area only open for 1 min just like the magic circle at Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family (when i gain access to this place the clock is 12:00 pm server time) , inside the hidden area on the bottom right of the corner their is something you can interact, it will pop up 3 times for your confirmation if you want to cut the vines.
The consequences of cutting the vines is a group of lv 22x mob which DO NOT BELONG TO THIS MAP WILL SHOW UP along the path to alemeth forest way point, and they are EXTREMELY STRONG one of the mob i encounter is darkness maiden, just like the 1 in lv 130 instance, it magic attack damage my character with 900 magic def for 7500 damage not to mention their hp is instance mob lv.
Feb 1st 2017 04:05:50
@XxyzX Red Cockrat - Superior greytis greaves
Jan 2nd 2017 10:21:00
Oops..did not mean to reply to Exori , somehow I ended up doing so x:

Anyway, in the secret area there is something you can interact with, I tried toggling all the options of cutting the vines and leaving it be.

When you try to cut the vines it kicks you from the area, when you choose the options to leave it alone a dialogue box pops up saying that it is suspicious and to leave it alone.

I took some screens: http://imgur.com/a/ukRsq

It's interesting and I wonder if the monsters in the map may drop an item that has something to do with this thing, I've looked all around this map and haven't found anything else related to it, Can't find any info on it anywhere as well :c
Sep 18th 2016 06:46:06
The hidden area opens up at 4 hour interval. Specifically 12 - 4- 8
Sep 10th 2016 21:53:44
This map can be accessed from a portal northeast of Nahash Forest
Sep 10th 2016 21:54:50
@tkmun1 Monsters in this map are: Gray Winged Frog, Big Red Griba and Red cockat.
Sep 10th 2016 21:57:08
@tkmun1 Crap...there's a forth monster which I forgot which is the Green Rafflesia, just putting these information here for ease of editing.
Sep 10th 2016 02:38:30
it exists, but since when actually I am not certain
Aug 17th 2016 01:09:56
still not implemented also @ indonesia Tos server.
Jun 2nd 2016 10:51:35
this map isn't implemented yet on iTOS.
Aug 8th 2016 19:55:54
@TweFoju This is most likely the map that the mobs are gonna drop the royal guard gloves recipe and the royal guard gloves recipe, which are needed to craft the virtov plate stuff.
Jan 2nd 2017 10:08:01
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