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Valius' Eternal Resting Place

World Map • Valius' Eternal Resting Place

Map Info

Type: Dungeon
Level: 197
Revive Orb Useable: Yes

Connected Maps

Nuoridin Falls (Level 168, Field), Videntis Shrine (Level 194, Dungeon)


Population: 1
Respawn: 60s
Population: 15
Respawn: 0s
Population: 6
Respawn: 0s
Population: 20
Respawn: 0s
Population: 15
Respawn: 0s

Normal NPCs

Other NPCs

Level: 1
Level: 1
Level: 1


icon Inseparable Spirit (Level 197)
icon There is a Way (1) (Level 197)
icon There is a Way (2) (Level 197)
icon There is a Way (3) (Level 197)
icon There is a Way (4) (Level 197)

Comments (5)

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Jun 19th 2017 15:22:11
collection @ top corner of Mausoleum of Valius
Nov 19th 2016 07:49:54
my way to turn off the second magic supply is O 3
O O 2 6
O O O 1 5 9
O O 4 8
O 7

1st choose 3, 7 then 1,9 or vice versa after that click on stone 5
BY DEFAULT IT IS ALL ON if you mess up just reset it
Nov 19th 2016 07:58:47
the image didn't show correctly............
anyway just choose the stone @ 3 and 9 o'clock then 12 and 6 o'clock then choose the center stone
Feb 26th 2018 13:54:53
Well, that's wrong now. They must have changed it since. Trying out combinations now.
Feb 26th 2018 14:02:43
Sorry, I was wrong. I didn't know there were two parts. That is the correct order. Ignore my post.
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