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Deploy Capella

Skill Database • Deploy Capella
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Deploy CapellaHoly565s66
ClassTypeReq Stance
ChaplainMagic BuffNone
Deploys a temporary sacellum with a wrapped cloak. The caster and party members are able to simultaneously receive the effects of the caster's Aspersion, Monstrance, Blessing, Sacrament, Stone Skin.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Cappella Duration: 60 seconds
Effect Duration: 15 seconds
Consumes 1 Cape
2Cappella Duration: 60 seconds
Effect Duration: 20 seconds
Consumes 1 Cape
3Cappella Duration: 60 seconds
Effect Duration: 25 seconds
Consumes 1 Cape
4Cappella Duration: 60 seconds
Effect Duration: 30 seconds
Consumes 1 Cape
5Cappella Duration: 60 seconds
Effect Duration: 35 seconds
Consumes 1 Cape

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Nov 29th 2017 22:49:39
works somewhat like Oracle Counter Spell, capella is deployed has a circle AOE once you enter you get the effect (it will overwrite your own buff but not shop buffs) meaning if you cast bless and then use capella your bless duration will be set to effect duration, same for any of the other spells afected by capella, you can get in and out of the AOE to get effect again as long the capella is there.
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