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Skill Database • Possession
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Circle 2
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
ClassTypeReq Stance
SadhuMagic AttackNone
[Magic] - [Psychokinesis]
Bind enemy to stop its movement and inflict damage.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 210.3 second attack 131%
Targets: 5
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
20.3 second attack 140%
Targets: 6
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
30.3 second attack 149%
Targets: 7
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
40.3 second attack 158%
Targets: 8
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
50.3 second attack 167%
Targets: 9
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
C 360.3 second attack 177%
Targets: 10
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
70.3 second attack 186%
Targets: 11
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
80.3 second attack 195%
Targets: 12
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
90.3 second attack 204%
Targets: 13
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds
100.3 second attack 213%
Targets: 14
Maximum Duration: 6.5 seconds

Comments (5)

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Oct 30th 2017 11:44:51
Element seems to be FIRE
Jul 4th 2016 15:50:34
Wanted to add a note that this skill does much more damage than is indicated here. I'm not sure if "Attribute Damage: 0%" is supposed to mean it doesn't scale at all, but I'm not sure that's true because for me, at lv 127 with 130 INT, Alter Rod and Arde Dagger, using lv 4 Possession I'm getting 2-2.5k damage per hit with this skill. Multiple hits per second (3 or 4?) over the course of 10 seconds when fully channeled (you've got to hold the button, you can't move and any damage/crowd control will cancel the channel). As a Cleric C3 > Sadhu C2 this is far, far stronger than any other skill I've had up until now and it's enough to easily solo the level 90 dungeon boss in a couple of minutes.
Jul 4th 2016 15:56:07
@Kodaichi Sorry, 230 INT actually.
Jul 7th 2016 21:42:06
@Kodaichi "attribute damage" only pertains to the attribute "Possession: Enhance" so in-game upgrading the enhance attribute would change that attribute damage 0% to the level of your enhancement..

In short it just says "hey you have +X% extra damage from your attribute".. The guide would just say zero as it is just saying that you don't get extra attribute levels from upgrading it..
Aug 6th 2016 07:55:55
@Kodaichi Hey I think I might be late for this reply but I've figured out that the dmg here is with 0 magic attack, if you do have magic attack it just sums with it

(in this case you said that you dmg is 2-2.5k, if I'm correct, the dmg of possession in lvl 4 + your Magic Attack + arde dagger fire property attack + attribute dmg bonus mutiplied by some type of weakened type monster, like bosses or devil type ==> (497 + 500 + 153 + 0% ) x 100% = 1100x100% = 2200.
not counting with the magic amplification system, which elevates you maximum possible dmg.)

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