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Out of Body

Skill Database • Out of Body
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Out of BodyMelee150s0
ClassTypeReq Stance
SadhuMagic AttackNone
Move your spirit out of the body. The spirit can only move near the body.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Spirit's Moving Range: 1500s0
2Spirit's Moving Range: 1600s0
3Spirit's Moving Range: 1700s0
4Spirit's Moving Range: 1800s0
5Spirit's Moving Range: 1900s0
C 26Spirit's Moving Range: 2000s0
7Spirit's Moving Range: 2100s0
8Spirit's Moving Range: 2200s0
9Spirit's Moving Range: 2300s0
10Spirit's Moving Range: 2400s0
C 311Spirit's Moving Range: 2500s0
12Spirit's Moving Range: 2600s0
13Spirit's Moving Range: 2700s0
14Spirit's Moving Range: 2800s0
15Spirit's Moving Range: 2900s0

Comments (11)

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Jul 24th 2016 01:40:42
After using OOB, you can reactivate OOB to return the soul to your body.
Jul 6th 2016 18:19:25
can effigy in bokor be used while in out of body state?thanks!!
May 12th 2016 19:11:38
not sure why, but now spirit's basic attack hits 3 times
May 8th 2016 05:30:00
just gonna leave here some info i wanted to know and did not find till tried personally:

1- Spirit's move speed seems to be 2 times the normal body.

2- Skills cast from other classes can be casted while "out of body" is active, BUT they are casted by the body.

3- Taking damage makes you return to the body.

4- If you have "out of body" but not "Prakriti" you will not be able to return to your body unless you take damage.

5- "Safety zone" prevents damage, preventing obs 3.

6- Spirit's attack generates agro to he body.

7- Fade works to take away and prevent agro to the body.

8- The body aways faces the spirit's position.

9- Changing weapons makes the body "re-launch" the spirit.

10- Moving the body away from the spirit causes the spirit to be "re-launched".

11- Using "out of body" "launches" the spirit to the facing direction util the range limit.

12- "The spirit can only move near the body." Like if there is a invisible cylinder around the player.

13- The spirit can not be targeted .

14- Spirit's basic attacks does 2 hits with the same damage as the body each

15- It is possible to attack with the spirit while the body is sit, but can't use skills util get up.
May 15th 2016 23:31:43
@Dhael damage dealt by OoB is based on?
May 21st 2016 22:06:18
@new_name I've read that it's INT.
May 31st 2016 22:01:02
@new_name sorry to take so long, had some personal problems =/

The damage are 3 hits with +- half of the "Magic Attack"

ps: not sure if the number of hits por attack can change
Jul 6th 2016 18:33:13
@Dhael can effigy in bokor be used while in out of body state?thanks!! and does using mackangdal cancel out of body too?because it doesn't take damage directly, it delays it, i heard it canceled channeling but i havent seen any thread explaining whether it cancels out of body form, thanks!!
Jul 11th 2016 19:21:19
@mshots sorry for the late reply but, yes you can use effigy while oob is active and no, taking damage while mackangdal is active does not cancel oob (tested it myself)
Oct 25th 2017 13:00:31
3- No longer the case
4- Now you can cast OOB again to return
7- Also now OOB, ABE, prakiti or vashita do not break fade
10- Now it cancels OOB
11- Now its close to the body
14- Now its 3 hits, but does NOT work with buffs like blessing or sacrament but does WORK with weapon manteinance

Additional note using Oob REMOVES all physical defense.
Oct 30th 2017 11:56:30
@blessed_kodi Correction ABE and also Possesion does brake Fade, but not Transmit Prana
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