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Mass Heal

Skill Database • Mass Heal
skill icon
Circle 2
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Mass HealHoly1030s36
ClassTypeReq Stance
PriestMagic BuffNone
Restores the HP of nearby allies.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 21Heal factor 406%30s36
2Heal factor 454%30s45
3Heal factor 502%30s55
4Heal factor 550%30s65
5Heal factor 598%30s75
C 36Heal factor 646%30s85
7Heal factor 694%30s94
8Heal factor 742%30s104
9Heal factor 790%30s114
10Heal factor 838%30s124

Comments (4)

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May 17th 2016 18:51:07
When it says "28% of the maximum HP" are they referring to the Priest's HP or his/her targets HP?
Jun 24th 2016 15:51:41
It's an AoE so both the priest and all players included in the cast. So 28% of the priest's health is restored plus any additional healing, plus 28% of anyone in the effected zone in-front of the priest plus any additional healing. Additional healing such as Paladin Restoration and the above formula of (100 + Int + Spr + ???).

In my experience unless your in comms or players are well versed in the game it's rare to heal more than 1-2 additional players beyond yourself. Players tend to run out of the way of the heal as when you move into position most archers / wizards like to use other players as meat shields when their low and will instinctively run behind you.

I find Mass heal is actually more of a tank heal as tanks will rarely run out of your AoE also at level 5 mass heal has a potential if you hit all 5 teammates to heal 90% (54% with 3 plays hit) HP where heal with a double cast heals for 50% guaranteed not taking into account bonus healing.
Jun 27th 2016 19:58:48
@|CFB|StrCmdMan can mass heal kill mobs?thanks in advance!
Dec 13th 2016 18:55:23
@mshots Sorry for the late response can't seem to log into my account anymore.

No it cannot mshots mass heal is not able to deal any damage

Also Mass Heal is generally regarded as a lower priority heal in comparison to the Clerics Heal ability even though Mass Heal potentially heals for more overall when hitting all 5 players it generally has less effective healing due to it being an instant cast area of effect skill and regular heal being persistent on the ground for a long period of time.
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