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Full Draw

Skill Database • Full Draw
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Full DrawMelee1520s12
ClassTypeReq Stance
ArcherMissile Attack TwoHandBow BowAndShield BowAndArtefact BowAndDagger BowAndPistol BowAndCannon BowAndSword
[Missile: Bow]
Pull your bowstring back to fire a highly piercing shot. Enemies hit are pinned onto the surrounding terrain.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Actor, Circle YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Attack: 312%
[Skew] Duration: 6 seconds
2Attack: 329%
[Skew] Duration: 7 seconds
3Attack: 346%
[Skew] Duration: 8 seconds
4Attack: 363%
[Skew] Duration: 9 seconds
5Attack: 380%
[Skew] Duration: 10 seconds
C 26Attack: 398%
[Skew] Duration: 11 seconds
7Attack: 415%
[Skew] Duration: 12 seconds
8Attack: 432%
[Skew] Duration: 13 seconds
9Attack: 449%
[Skew] Duration: 14 seconds
10Attack: 466%
[Skew] Duration: 15 seconds
C 311Attack: 484%
[Skew] Duration: 16 seconds
12Attack: 501%
[Skew] Duration: 17 seconds
13Attack: 518%
[Skew] Duration: 18 seconds
14Attack: 535%
[Skew] Duration: 19 seconds
15Attack: 552%
[Skew] Duration: 20 seconds

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Jun 16th 2016 16:08:25
Additional content

This skill hits 2 enemies, even if there are more gathered it only will pin 2 enemies per charge.
This skill can pinned the monsters onto the surrounding terrain AND when you got 2 enemies pinned together, they will have "SHARE DMG" Buf just like Joint Penalty from Linkers

If you hit just one enemy it might be pinned onto the surrounding terrain. Some monsters have resistance against this skill. Specially Flying Magical types and Flying Types. But they still can be pushed. but not pinned onto the terrain.

Large sized monsters OR medium/small sized with Pain Barrier CAN'T be pinned or pushed but this skill. But you still can use medium or small sized monsters to be linked with a Large one.

If you already pinned 2 enemies together, and you charge it again in other monster and aim it at the 2 already pinned, they will be stuck together as 3 pinned enemies, But the "link" effect will have different times for every monster linked by this skill.

As most charging skill, if you decided to not use it, you can JUMP and stop holding the charging button. The charging will be canceled. OR if you have a Knife you can press C once. This cancel the charging.
Jun 17th 2016 22:31:52

- Full Draw gives 50%+ damage against DEVIL TYPES
May 28th 2016 21:33:37
Regarding full charge instant cast. It's not a thing. The user is just shooting a lower level charge. This mechanic applies to most charge related skills that's been leveled a notable amount.
Source: Level 15 full draw user.

Other info.
> Latency will affect the time in which the server recognizes your charge level. You can be fully charged but the server will only recognize it as level 12.
> If your character shoots a little early before the server recognizes the charge as level 1, your character will become stuck for about 3 seconds.

Please do not level full draw just for this "instant cast".
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