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Joint Penalty

Skill Database • Joint Penalty
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Joint PenaltyMelee1522s61
ClassTypeReq Stance
LinkerMagic BuffNone
Links enemies to attack all at once. Can be canceled by the Unbind skill.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Actor, Circle YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Maximum Link Numbers: 3
Count Limit: 7
Duration: 15 seconds
2Maximum Link Numbers: 4
Count Limit: 7
Duration: 20 seconds
3Maximum Link Numbers: 4
Count Limit: 8
Duration: 25 seconds
4Maximum Link Numbers: 5
Count Limit: 8
Duration: 30 seconds
5Maximum Link Numbers: 5
Count Limit: 9
Duration: 35 seconds
C 26Maximum Link Numbers: 6
Count Limit: 9
Duration: 40 seconds
7Maximum Link Numbers: 6
Count Limit: 10
Duration: 45 seconds
8Maximum Link Numbers: 7
Count Limit: 10
Duration: 50 seconds
9Maximum Link Numbers: 7
Count Limit: 11
Duration: 55 seconds
10Maximum Link Numbers: 8
Count Limit: 11
Duration: 60 seconds
C 311Maximum Link Numbers: 8
Count Limit: 12
Duration: 65 seconds
12Maximum Link Numbers: 9
Count Limit: 12
Duration: 70 seconds
13Maximum Link Numbers: 9
Count Limit: 13
Duration: 75 seconds
14Maximum Link Numbers: 10
Count Limit: 13
Duration: 80 seconds
15Maximum Link Numbers: 10
Count Limit: 14
Duration: 85 seconds

Comments (4)

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Jun 9th 2017 16:51:48
-as of may 16th, changed to have a hit count PER MONSTER.
-now strongest with non-random aoe abilities.
-10 monsters linked, 14 hits per monster means you can hit all 10 monsters 13 times with and aoe, and all damage will be shared. but if you "mage autoattack" one 14 times, you will get much less damage and link will be broken.
-this nerf reduces combos (ignition anything fast and weak) and makes it very limited in party play (stupid allies = negative dps).
-there are monsters which are immune to link as well, a very bad way of nerfing it (should reduce hit counts vs resistant monsters, not completely immunity)
-all hits transfer damage taken. can shrink monster minions to do more dmg to boss. but hitting dirty pole, fireballs, icewalls now transfers only 1 damage...
Nov 5th 2016 05:10:14
The skill got changed recently and thats why aoe spells etc. are shared now. Basically if you're a linker3 you can increase the damage by x10.

E.g. if 10 targets stay in my flame ground I see 10damage numbers on every mob if they get a damage tick.

And btw. always max your join penalty what Dragon815 said isnt true. It disappears pretty fast at linker1(max hit-count reached will break it). And you always got a chance that if you got divine might from your friendly cleric you can link 1 more target.
Jul 15th 2016 23:43:54
Skill works by shooting out a fast moving projectile to your target. It will create links to closest targets from there. There is no control to which targets it will link. Overall a very easy skill to hit and use.

I almost never see the duration expire so if you are going for circle 1 linker then consider putting 4 points in this for the maximum 5 links, the 5th level would only add a bit of duration which you almost never need.

I read somewhere that AoE does not divide the damage for all targets (meaning 3 targets hit becomes 9 hits), but skills that includes multiple hits seems to work, such as Ranger's Barrage. Someone will have to confirm this.
May 1st 2016 01:06:22
Also spreads status ailments. Damage sources from status ailments are applied to all linked targets.

Ex: A Wugushi uses Wugong gu on a mob linked to 4 others. The first poison will spread to all 4 other targets. Each poison tick will damage all 5 mobs, for a total of 25 instances of damage per poison tick.
If one of the linked mobs gets poisoned by the second poison status effect that the first creates, then each mob will take 25 instances of poison damage from both, resulting in 50 hits on each mob per tick.
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