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Psychic Pressure

Skill Database • Psychic Pressure
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Psychic PressureSoul1525s0
ClassTypeReq Stance
PsychokinoMagic AttackNone
[Magic] - [Psychokinesis]
Concentrate on the tip of your hand to inflict continuous damage with psychokinesis. Inflicts doubled damage to Mutant-type enemies.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Fan YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Attack: 265%
Targets: 5
Consumes 5 SP per second
2Attack: 279%
Targets: 6
Consumes 6 SP per second
3Attack: 294%
Targets: 7
Consumes 7 SP per second
4Attack: 308%
Targets: 8
Consumes 8 SP per second
5Attack: 323%
Targets: 9
Consumes 9 SP per second
C 26Attack: 338%
Targets: 10
Consumes 10 SP per second
7Attack: 352%
Targets: 11
Consumes 11 SP per second
8Attack: 367%
Targets: 12
Consumes 12 SP per second
9Attack: 381%
Targets: 13
Consumes 13 SP per second
10Attack: 396%
Targets: 14
Consumes 14 SP per second
C 311Attack: 411%
Targets: 15
Consumes 15 SP per second
12Attack: 425%
Targets: 16
Consumes 16 SP per second
13Attack: 440%
Targets: 17
Consumes 17 SP per second
14Attack: 454%
Targets: 18
Consumes 18 SP per second
15Attack: 469%
Targets: 19
Consumes 19 SP per second

Comments (3)

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Jun 13th 2017 15:00:35
now lasts only a maximum of 10 seconds.
requires surespell (wiz2 or kino3 attribute) to not be a horrible experience.
when used on fireballs, ONLY ONE fireball will shoot sparks!
when used on icewalls, any higher than lvl9 icewall (20 hits in 10 seconds) will leave icewalls unbroken and potentially wasted.
is a 3x3 area, and while tricks let you hit more than 9 icewalls, it's generally too much trouble. (ram icewalls into a wall, backspace jump trick, precise positioning.
PP icewall is NOT lag friendly and it's difficult to push buttons in the right sequence.
Mar 29th 2017 07:35:09
Interacts with Pyromancer's fireball and Cryomancer's icewall to bring additional effects.
Jul 15th 2016 23:56:51
There are some big problems with this skill.
1. You have to stand still while casting. meaning monsters must be already next to you, and if they move away you will deal no damage and have to cancel the channel.
2. Cooldown of 25seconds is pretty long, and you only get to use it once before it goes on full cooldown. moving between monsters on a field and killing them one by one with this skill will not be possible.
3. Any sort of attack on you by a monster will cancel the channel. This is the biggest problem. Someone will have to taunt all the monsters and then position them next to you for this skill to actually be worth it. It looks like you can circumvent this with the Wizard circle 2's Surespell, but this doesn't stop you from getting knocked down or back.

You can probably deal some good damage to bosses with this skill assuming they will stand still for a while. But overall it is hard to recommend in its current state.
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