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Cassis Crista

Skill Database • Cassis Crista
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Cassis CristaMelee11s0
ClassTypeReq Stance
MurmilloMelee Buff OneHandSword OneHandSwordShield OneHandSwordDagger OneHandSwordArtefact OneHandSpearArtefact OneHand
Murmillo wears the Cassis Crista and prepares for the battle. Once the helmet is equipped, Murmillo skills can be used and the chance to avoid enemy missile or magic attacks increases, while the chance to evade melee attacks decreases. Use the skill again to unequip the helmet.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Maximum Level: 11s0

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Jan 11th 2017 22:05:44
Usually, it's been said that Cassis Crista enhances other "shield" skills, which would be magnific for all skills from Peltasta and Rodelero's skilltree. So, can someone confirm that? If so, what the hell does the Cassis enhances? Damage? Defense? I'm completely LOST
Oct 5th 2017 17:16:28
Only buffs them if you have the attributes. Only skills that uses shield.

Cassis is necessary if you want to use Murmillo skills. Doesnt do anything on its own other than equipping a cool helmet. Does gives a buff on evading ranged/magic attack, kinda similar to rodolero shield charge.
Oct 31st 2016 04:14:25
Ranged physical attacks and/or any magic will miss you with around 25% chance regardless of any of your stats (does not seem to depend on your evasion).

Seems to work with most spells even if they're AoE and not exactly "ranged missiles" (i.e. Fire Pillar)
Oct 19th 2016 15:06:28
Can anyone confirm if we can still use skills from all other classes while wearing it? Does anyone think this is a class worth being picked by a full CON tank solely because of the shield and it's magic+missile evasion properties? I'm assuming this 'magic evasion' has nothing to do with actual evasion and might just dispell the attack. Sounds interesting, but templar c2 (or continuing squire/rodelero if not done yet) sounds much more useful for a tank... Interesting choices we have after peltasta, lol.
Oct 19th 2016 15:34:26
@BrunoS3 Helmet** P.S.: Yeah I'm willing to bet the Templar's Shield Charge + Share Buff are better for tanks.
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