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Skill Database • Repair
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Circle 1
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
ClassTypeReq Stance
SquireMelee AttackNone
Opens a shop to repair damaged equipment. Items can be repaired beyond their maximum durability and last longer. Shop prices increase when installed in a map with a dungeon.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Front, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 11Repairs over 1 durability60s0
2Repairs over 2 durability60s0
3Repairs over 3 durability60s0
4Repairs over 4 durability60s0
5Repairs over 5 durability60s0
C 26Repairs over 6 durability60s0
7Repairs over 7 durability60s0
8Repairs over 8 durability60s0
9Repairs over 9 durability60s0
10Repairs over 10 durability60s0
C 311Repairs over 11 durability60s0
12Repairs over 12 durability60s0
13Repairs over 13 durability60s0
14Repairs over 14 durability60s0
15Repairs over 15 durability60s0

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Nov 15th 2016 06:31:14
@Dainishi yes and 15 (only doubles the extra amount, i.e. "repair level x2")
If anyone doesn't know, as of today's maintenance, the commission fee has been decreased from 50% of sale price to 30%! Yay! More info here: https://treeofsavior.com/news/?n=730
Jun 29th 2016 15:53:08
Is this true?
"That's Repairs over xx durability."
Means.. ex: i have sword that has 5 durability. And i want repair with this skill Lv.5 will be add 5 additional durability.
Then my weapon will have 10 durability?.

And about this attibute skill.
If i get chance.. that's mean i will have 20 durability? or just 15? (5 + 10 < from Lv.5 skill x2) < ex: continued from above
Jun 17th 2016 23:02:17
Additional Content
Squires can buy "repair kit" item on the Squire's Master (80 silver each).

Squire's repair is based on Stars + Rarity that items have ( 1 repair kit is consumed for every star and rarity) .
When using this Skill, you can write down the name of your store, and the price you want to sell every consumed Repair kits. BUT YOU CAN'T MOVE OR DO ANY OTHER ACTION.

After opening the store, you can repair your own items if you want, but it will consume the repair kits.
You're store will not close until you change channels, close it manually or if you die somehow.
To close the store manually, open the "Record" Tab, and press the Red Button(CLOSE) there.

There's a 50% FEE for every item repaired. Example . BeetleBack shield is Four(4)*stars and Purple(3)Color, im selling my repairing kit 180 each. So it will consume 4+3 = 7 repair kits to repair this particular item. You will earn (1260 - 50%(630) ) - 80 * 7 (560) = 630 - 530 = 70 + from what you had before.

The minimum price you must consider choosing for not losing money is 160 each.

Other players or even yourself can't repair if you have less repair kits than it's required to repair.

Apr 19th 2016 06:38:30
I know squire"s repair is based on Stars (1 kit by star) and rarity (2*blue=+1, 4*blue=+2 and so on)

but how are Blacksmith's repair calculated?
Some items seem way cheaper on npc, like 30 silver per star, and others almost 400 silver per star.
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