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Spear Throw

Skill Database • Spear Throw
skill icon
Circle 3
NameElementMax LevelCDSP
Spear ThrowMelee510s30
ClassTypeReq Stance
HopliteMelee Attack OneHandSpearArtefact OneHandSpearShield TwoHandSpear OneHandSpearPistol OneHandSpearDagger
[Physical] - [Pierce]
Throws the spear to attack the enemy. Damage can increase up to 2 times depending on the distance.


Target On Enemy On Friend On Neutral Companion
Ground, Square YES NO NO Not Required

Skill Levels

  Level Description CD SP
C 31Attack: 112% x 3
AoE Attack Ratio: 3
2Attack: 125% x 3
AoE Attack Ratio: 3
3Attack: 139% x 3
AoE Attack Ratio: 3
4Attack: 152% x 3
AoE Attack Ratio: 3
5Attack: 166% x 3
AoE Attack Ratio: 3

Comments (3)

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Dec 3rd 2016 00:19:34
There is another hidden bonus condition on 'Throw Spear's description that are not shown here.

Effect: If your 'Throw Spear' damage is higher than your opponent's HP. Spear Throw will always hit three times.

Note: Which means your level 5 spear throw damage will do about 3 times the damage.

Lv5 Spear Throw Damage: 1044 multiply by 3 hits equals 3132
Dec 3rd 2016 06:05:41

Editing my mistake on 'Effect'

Effect: If your opponent's HP is higher than your 'Throw Spear' damage. Spear Throw will always hit three times.
Dec 3rd 2016 21:20:17
@christopher.roger Also, in this video. They made it look like you need to fill up the bar into max in order to make full damage but in actual. The recharging bar do not exist anymore and filling up the bar into max is no longer necessary to do full damage. It can be cast instantly to do max damage or you can simply hold it to aim properly.
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