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The Hidden Sanctum's Revelation (1)

Quest Database • The Hidden Sanctum's Revelation (1)


Start NPC: Follower Algis
Map: Tenet Church 2F
Level: 48 (Required Level: 38)


Required Quests

icon Trapped Gesti (Level 48)


Gesti escaped, but there are still more things left to do in the church. Talk to Follower Algis again.
Objective: Talk to Follower Algis


Use the Seal of Space on the pillar to enter the sanctuary and find the revelation.
Objective: Find the revelation in the hidden sanctuary

Reward (Get All)


Comments (2)

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Oct 11th 2016 22:04:20
bug quest sir help :(
Apr 10th 2016 18:26:22
To complete the quest, ignore the books.

On the left (North-East) side of the Sanctuary you will see a huge, rectangular brownish-orangey painting hanged on the wall. If you go near it, you will be directly below the quest marker.

Click on it and the quest will continue.
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