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Mesafasla, the Strategic Spot (2)

Quest Database • Mesafasla, the Strategic Spot (2)


Map: Mesafasla
Level: 212 (Required Level: 202)


Required Quests


Assistant Commander Gorman is trying to give you the duty which Higgs should've been responsible for. Talk with Assistant Commander Gorman.
Objective: Talk with Mesafasla Assistant Commander Gorman


When you activate one of the shrines of Romiva Magic Circles, one other shrine will also react. Use it to activate the shrine which Gomen has told you. If you forgot to which shrine to activate, check the memo which Gomen has given to you. The memo can only be checked when you activate the shrine.
Objective: Activate only the designated shrines


You've succeeded activating Romuva magic circle. Tell this to Gorman.
Objective: Talk with Mesafasla Assistant Commander Gorman

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Jul 23rd 2018 00:26:36
Took some time to figure out how to activate it.

Basically, if you need to activate the right shrine, try first interacting with top or bottom shrines then go quickly activate the right one.

This might sound easy but not everyone is a bright mind.
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