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Big Inconvenience

Quest Database • Big Inconvenience


Start NPC: Farmer Miren
Map: Greene Manor
Level: 149 (Required Level: 139)


Find Miren's Old Bag (0 / 1)

Required Quests

icon Unreliable Folk (Level 149)


Farmer Miren remembered something she forgot. Talk to Farmer Miren again.
Objective: Talk to Farmer Miren


Farmer Miren told you that she lost her bag when she was being chased by the monsters last time. Find the old bag and hand it over to Miren.
Objective: Find Miren's Old Bag


You've found Miren's Old Bag. Hand it over to Miren.
Objective: Hand it over to Miren

Reward (Get All)


Comments (2)

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Jul 6th 2016 13:29:56
Found in Ziura crossroads north west, but was in another location in a video. Could be randomly generated location. can anyone confirm?
Also it was just a small brown bag without any indicator so a bit hard to spot.
Aug 11th 2016 20:34:02

It is random just a very small chance of finding it, also i believe there is only 3 bag spawns, one in each area
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