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Sword Pell Repair (1)

Quest Database • Sword Pell Repair (1)


Map: Lemprasa Pond
Level: 1 (Required Level: 1)


Get Woodin's Sturdy Tree (0 / 13)

Required Quests


The Highlander Submaster looks furious. Try and find out why she's upset.
Objective: Talk with the Highlander Submaster


The Highlander Submaster wants you to build a new sword pell for having destroyed the last one. Collect materials to build a sword pell.
Objective: Collect Sword Pell Materials

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Jul 1st 2017 06:32:39
Same here, I destroyed the sword pell and I got the item quest 'Sword Pell Fragment', but Rahelia won't give me any quest.

Anyone can help?
Jan 29th 2017 11:34:59
I destroyed the sword pell ,but can't do the quest....
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