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A World Composed of Numbers [Kabbalist Advancement]

Quest Database • A World Composed of Numbers [Kabbalist Advancement]


Map: Istora Ruins
Level: 235 (Required Level: 225)


Required Quests


Talk with the Kabbalist Master at Istora Ruins.
Objective: Talk with the Kabbalist Master


The Kabbalist Master told you that in order to become a Kabbalist, you should be able to understand all the numbers hidden in all properties of the world. Use the crystal sphere that has appeared at Cranto Coast and defeat the monster which the number on the sphere indicates.
Objective: Defeat the monster indicated by the number displayed on the crystal sphere


You've discovered what the crystal sphere indicates. Return to the Kabbalist Master.
Objective: Report to the Kabbalist Master

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Sep 22nd 2016 00:37:45
9 is archer spion
8 is a regular spion
7 is mage spion

You can keep killing the same monster over and over unless you change the number by pressing V again
Jun 14th 2017 03:21:46

God bless your soul
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