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Alchemist's Story [Chronomancer Advancement]

Quest Database • Alchemist's Story [Chronomancer Advancement]


Map: Stele Road
Level: 235 (Required Level: 225)


Required Quests


Go to the Chronomancer Master in Stele Road
Objective: Talk to the Chronomancer Master


The Chronomancer Master will investigate the incident that occurred in Crystal Mine due to the request from the Alchemist Master. With the glass orb that reflects the past, reach 100% of exploration rate in both the 1st and 2nd districts in Crystal Mine.
Objective: Explore the Crystal Mine


The memories of Crystal Mine are recorded enough in the orb. Return to the Chronomancer Master.
Objective: Talk to the Chronomancer Master

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Sep 26th 2016 01:14:44
This quest, you are just pretty much getting the 100% completion on the map in Crystal Mine Lot. Don't get it confuse with the other Crystal Mine.
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