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Picky Taste [Falconer Advancement]

Quest Database • Picky Taste [Falconer Advancement]


Map: Stele Road
Level: 185 (Required Level: 175)


Defeat wild animal mosters and obtain Fresh Meat. (0 / 20)

Required Quests


The Falconer Master in Klaipeda is looking for you.
Objective: Call of the Falconer Master


Defeat wild animal monsters and get some meats for feeding. Any monsters are fine, but as monsters get stronger, it will be easier for you to get the meat.
Objective: Obtain the meat that the hawk likes


You have obtained all the meat to use for the Hawk's food. Talk with the Falconer Master.
Objective: Talk with the Falconer Master

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Jun 30th 2016 14:54:25
You don't need to kill high level monsters. You can go kill popolions and chupacabra in East Siauliai Woods. They aren't specific but they need to be beast type apparently.
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