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Rescue the Villagers

Quest Database • Rescue the Villagers


Map: Crystal Mine 3F
Level: 21 (Required Level: 11)


Defeat the Crystal Spiders that suddenly appeared (0 / 7)

Required Quests


You arrived at Crystal Mine 3F, where the villagers may be imprisoned. Talk to Vaidotas about finding the residents.
Objective: Talk to Vaidotas


Vaidotas says the villagers are trapped somewhere on the 3rd floor. {nl}Try to look for them.
Objective: Search for the villagers


Talk to the Miner the Vubbes kidnapped.
Objective: Talk to the Miner

Reward (Get All)


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May 7th 2016 13:31:12
In my experience, & as seen in the linked thread; there is still a bug with this quest as of 7th May 2016. Villagers (girls tied up in cobwebs at the very North of Crystal Mines 3F) can be spoken to but the quest does not advance.

Partying with someone who has the quest may initiate it for the affected player.

I found a fix by returning to Character Selection and re logging into the same channel (or a different one, it shouldn't matter) and then speaking to the NPCs / running around in circles close to them. Easy!

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