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Monster Database • Shtayim


MoveSpeedHPBase EXPClass EXPSize
Flying32 ~ 643,404191146M
Despite its appearance, this magical creation has received the blessing of the goddess. Can deal critical damage to demons.
Shnayim Fragment (33.33%), Brandish Recipe (0.04%), Yellow Gem (1.29%), Blue Orb: Shtayim (0.02%), Red Orb: Shtayim (0.02%), Shtayim Gem (0.02%)
Royal Mausoleum 3F (20, 0s), Royal Mausoleum 3F (5, 0s)


35 43 19 23 15
HP SP Accuracy Evasion DEF MDEF
3,404 43 45 32 212 169
ATK MATK Crit Rate Crit Resistance Crit Damage M. Amp.
176 ~ 328 147 ~ 273 44 44 35 0

Comments (35)

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Jun 18th 2017 02:15:18
4151 kill and nothing... :/
Apr 19th 2017 14:37:53
Brandish Recipe: 1355
Feb 14th 2017 23:50:18
Honestly I think I'll stick with maga spear
Nov 9th 2016 17:34:14
Brandish Recipe at 3,280 kills.

It's not listed as a drop but within those kills I've also gotten Lv 5 Exp cards (around 4) and 2 Crystal Fragments of Change.
Oct 25th 2016 21:29:16
Brandish Recipe #1438
Oct 3rd 2016 19:51:14
Did they actually increase the DPK by like 10x or is that a typo? I was about to start farming it on my Reiter x.x
Sep 25th 2016 03:51:16
Why it became 19000~21000 DPK for a Brandish Recipe? The last time i farm it it only took 3500-4500 kills, I'm sure of it because I farm it after someone drop it on the same channel.

Why IMC punish new player this hard? Did they want to make more people quiting this game?

And when new map comes out, new items would be introduced, this spear will got stub too, so why the DPK increased? This is ridiculous and sad.
Sep 25th 2016 04:07:59
@punkdawa let's make some calculation, IIRC it took me 5 times Lv15 TROT to sweep the entire map and kill all Shtayim so it take:

5 x 50 = 200 seconds = 3.3 minutes

That's for each sweeping, make that 3,5 minutes for unexpected things like guild chat etc. We can forget the spawn time because the map is big and by the time you kill all of it, end to end, other would spawn elsewhere.

20.000 (DPK) / 25 (per sweep) = 800 sweeps/run per channel

800 (sweeps) x 3,5 (minutes) = 2.800 minutes

2.800 (minutes) / 60 = 46.67 roughly fuckin non friggin stop idiotic spawn hours for one soon-to-be-useless spear.

dude, mate, bro, friend, guys, fam, IMC, you'll kill more player base. This is sad.

P.S. I'm not really good at maths, am i doing wrong calculation here?
Sep 14th 2016 05:58:51
After maintenance was able to get it around 3500 kills. This is a guess since my kill count at 3337 when it dropped. This include my kill count + educated guess kill of other players in the channel.
Sep 9th 2016 01:51:10
got 1st recipe after the first kill while doing quests, 2nd recipe on the 40-50th kill
guess i'm just rly lucky :3
Sep 4th 2016 06:00:24
Got the recipe by chance after 23 kills
Sep 2nd 2016 19:53:36
3009 for me... damn... I was afraid to spend my vacations on this.
Aug 23rd 2016 20:55:08
I got one by chance as I was breezing through quests with my QS3 :)

Took around 2000 kills for my next one... ;_;
Aug 22nd 2016 16:43:13
Sorry to spoil the fun... but believe me or not i go this after 10kills(FREAKING 10 KILLS ) while roaming around Royal 3F. F*CK this system.. so kind to me.
Jul 25th 2016 19:44:25
Got mine after 3749 shyatim killed, i did the farming after maintenance. before maitenance i probably killed like 1200+ of these guys, after maintenance i killed another 1000+ and have to call 2 friends mine to help me with the kills so we can have the whole channel without people messing with our kills. they killed around 1000+ of these guys.

So probably the DPK for brandish recipe its between 2000-3000 kills

Dont do the farming 1 day before maintenance. do the farming after maintenance. game most rare drops are based on DPK per Channel (not per player) which actually sucks.
Jul 23rd 2016 06:16:21
farmed 2064 shtayims mp luck only some yellow gems....
Jul 22nd 2016 16:03:27
Feels really sad after put in 15 hours killing 3,080 still no rc..... sigh,my all day as being denominator.
Jul 21st 2016 05:51:09
These guys can be found in Novaha Assembly Hall as well.
Jul 21st 2016 06:01:56
@Krocodile oops nvm
Jul 11th 2016 22:40:28
10k kills but 0 recipe
Jun 30th 2016 21:23:47
731 and 0 recipe.
I found white one but it only give me tons of shnayim fragment and yellow gem.
No luck on me :')
Jul 2nd 2016 12:05:08
@katakerja02 finally got it guys after 3134 kills.
Don't lost ur hope :')
Jun 24th 2016 03:18:13
Go forth to the market
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