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Item Database • Practonium

Common Info

KR Name프락토늄
Weight: 1
A purple-colored crystal.

Required For


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May 28th 2017 02:46:06
There is a lv327 map called Mishekan Forest. After doing all the quests there (lv317 required), talk to all NPCs in the whole map (they are about 17) until every one of them shows the second dialog. Then talk to the central NPC (Curtis) and he will ask you to see Uskas in Klaipeda. Talk to Uskas, return to the NPC and he will give you a Mystical Cube. The cube can be open once per day (24 hours cooldown) and has a chance to either give the Practonium or random items (none valuable tho). After getting the Practonium, the cube will disappear from your inventory.
People say the Prac can also be dropped at certain Guild Events, but I don't know the details
Mar 2nd 2017 00:38:41
unstable cube drops it
Dec 22nd 2016 13:32:15
need discussion here
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