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Dawn Crystal Fragment

Item Database • Dawn Crystal Fragment

Common Info

KR Name황혼 결정 파편
Dawn Crystal Fragment
Weight: 1
Nothing is known about this item.
Obtained from Red Dawn Maidens.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 1.14%
Drop Chance: 1.14%

Required For


Comments (7)

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Feb 26th 2017 05:06:28
Hmm, this. The first one is easy, about 40 kills.
But then it comes to the second one...I got the second one after 482 kills...
So I decided just buy it on market...
Oct 20th 2016 02:15:05
got one first single kill I entered dungeon, so not DPK
Nov 10th 2016 10:51:56
@dills You have clearly no idea how DPK works. :D
Nov 11th 2016 07:59:27
@thelowbird¯(ツ)/¯ got one 5th-10th kill too, sometimes I get 4 in an hour with pillage.
Dec 1st 2016 23:15:43
@dills wha dungeon dude? i nid this crystal
Dec 4th 2016 17:34:40
@muhammad.harahap sorry for delay, the dungeon is Kalejimas Visiting Room.
The monsters that drop them freeze you, so be careful. It's the red Dawn Maidens.
(also worth killing blue elets once in a while, they can drop Blue Elet Masks valued at 70-90k each
Aug 4th 2016 12:05:43
dropped from red dawn maiden
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