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Blue Tini Horn

Item Database • Blue Tini Horn

Common Info

KR Name푸른 티니의 뿔
Blue Tini Horn
Weight: 1
An old record exists of a man who once pulled out a Tini's horn with his own bare hands.
Obtained from Blue Tinis.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 20%
Drop Chance: 20%
Drop Chance: 20%

Required For


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Grand Yard Mesa
DEF +1
Collection: Kadumel Cliff
SP Recovery +3

Comments (4)

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Mar 8th 2017 11:46:47
Also drops from blue tini archer at Kadumel Cliff. Killed 320 or so, got 70, so ~20% drop chance.
Mar 31st 2017 03:28:46
@arisoto and the archers are way easier to kill.
Feb 27th 2017 17:41:17
Blue Tini Lv245@ Grand Yard Mesa(Lv242) , best place at Gado Way and the unnamed area below it keep going between them. I got 156 horn in around 4~5hours
#Kills = 766
#Drops = 156
Drop Chance: ~20%
Dec 11th 2016 00:15:21
Very good drop chance, feels about 10-15%.
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