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Socket Horn

Item Database • Socket Horn

Common Info

KR Name소켓의 뿔
Socket Horn
Weight: 1
Horn that grows on the heads of Sockets.
Obtained from Sockets.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 13%
Drop Chance: 10%
Drop Chance: 0.3%
Drop Chance: 0.3%
Drop Chance: 0.3%
Drop Chance: 0.3%
Drop Chance: 0.3%

Required For


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Dingofasil District
Collection: Grynas Trails
Evasion +1

Comments (10)

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Feb 26th 2017 05:01:34
Fk this shet :D
Just want to complete Grynas trails Colletion, yet I had to kill more than 900 Green Socket for it :D
Jan 31st 2017 21:37:07
2 from 538 Red Sockets
Sep 14th 2016 11:02:25
DPK 400 to 415
Apr 29th 2016 02:12:01
I'm the #1 farmer of these on Klaipeda server. I get a socket horn about 1 in 500-600 kills. Which math shows .002% when I divide 1 by 500. Hope it helps. It's nice for me though since until this guy that posted, was uncamped by anyone else. Anyway, happy hunting. Of course it's not always that bad. Sometimes I get 1 in less than that but others it's longer. Just took the average of what I've gotten so far. Hope this helps the database.
(Also there are 2 other mobs that drop this, but I won't disclose that information :D)
May 1st 2016 02:07:58

go fuck yourself.
May 1st 2016 02:22:17

btw, they also drop from blue sockets and blue socket archers.
Jul 4th 2016 07:24:34
@roger.mooren the actual hero we need , not that fake ass mofo @Lirion
Aug 7th 2016 17:28:52
@roger.mooren thanks a lot roger
Sep 27th 2016 21:23:09
@Lirion what math is that?
1/500 = 0.002 = 0.2% not 0.002%
Apr 20th 2016 11:44:51
drop from Red Socket
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