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Elma Hair

Item Database • Elma Hair

Common Info

KR Name엘마 머리카락
Elma Hair
Weight: 1
When a demon loses its power, it will also lose its hair, but it may remain in rare circumstances.
Obtained from Elma.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 5%
Drop Chance: 4.5%
Drop Chance: 4.5%
Drop Chance: 15%
Drop Chance: 5%

Required For


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Demon Prison District 3
SP +18

Comments (2)

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Jun 19th 2016 02:21:36
Drop rate from elma might be higher than 5%. I got 6 hairs from 74 of them
Jun 27th 2016 23:16:12
@Sourceful I think that's luck. I got my 100th one (Grinding for Agvara Cannon) on kill 2236
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