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Pino Stem

Item Database • Pino Stem

Common Info

KR Name피노의 줄기
Pino Stem
Weight: 1
Not recommended for consumption.
Obtained from Pinos.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 3.33%
Drop Chance: 3.33%

Required For


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Gateway of the Great King
Crit Defense +1
Collection: Tenants' Farm

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Aug 11th 2016 14:08:40
I don't think Pino Stem Drop rate is 3.33%
From my experience :
Hunt 180 White Pino and drop only 1 Pino Stem
Hunt 125 Pino and drop 8 Pino Stem -use DPE (also drop 1 Grand Cross RC lol)

Pino spawn in Gate way of Great King at Abandoned Old Workshop and Dullkiu Hill
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