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Varv Skin

Item Database • Varv Skin

Common Info

KR Name바브의 껍질
Varv Skin
Weight: 1
Skin that is difficult to obtain from intact Varvs. Obtained from Varvs.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.75%
Drop Chance: 0.75%
Drop Chance: 0.75%

Required For


Name Items Bonus
Royal Mausoleum Collection
DEX +5
Collection: Royal Mausoleum 1F
Crit Rate +1
Collection: Ashaq Underground Prison 3F
SP +18

Comments (24)

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Apr 20th 2017 19:52:17
2520 kills 15 skins
Mar 17th 2017 21:59:32
2121 kills 17 drops
Nov 26th 2016 12:32:19
2,049 kills to get 15
Aug 27th 2016 00:53:02
1611 kills to get 15, dont no how many hours but yeah my hp jumped from 5800 to 7400 and it looks rly nice ;)
Aug 15th 2016 06:41:06
Killed 2213 Varvs to get 17 skins. Around 2-3 hours. Just be patient guys, you will get your Beetleback. Its worth several levels after all
Jul 5th 2016 03:58:20
Took around 4.5 hours to get 15.
Jun 22nd 2016 03:29:16
Got 15 after killing about 2K+ mobs for 7 hours. I play the INA (Indonesian) version. The market price for each usually around 30-50K. If your luck is sh*t, better buy the shield directly.
Jun 14th 2016 03:29:07
get it after kill abaout 1200 mobs...

in abaout 4 hours full


but im like it...hahahaha

Jun 8th 2016 16:49:37
I'm pretty sure they nerfed the drop rate at some point, before they open the game f2p I got 20 varv skins really fast, now I tried to farm again, after 500 kills I only got 3 skins, and 2 of them were from glowing mobs.
Jun 8th 2016 16:44:08
1366 kills - 10 drops
Jun 7th 2016 18:44:02
Better off buying Bettleback itself in the market. 300k+ (even more) can be earned at the same amount of time you spend hunting all these little critters.
Jun 2nd 2016 20:44:00
1788 kills - 13 drops
Jun 1st 2016 17:55:13
this thing is hard to drop omfg
May 28th 2016 17:18:44
This just reminds me of old times on Ragnarok, when i used to spend weeks farming to craft a hat.
At least here you can kill them with 10s respawn time and you only need 15. Easy cakes.
May 26th 2016 18:37:28
400 varvs killed and only 2 skins... F*ck this drop rate
May 26th 2016 08:26:34
after a few kills maybe around 200 I got 2 drops (and 1 I sat on because the owner was nowhere), then I DC'ed, at login a GOLDEN Varv was in front and dropped 5 more skins.. I think its more on luck

in any case, drop rate ain't that bad just stop counting, try to enjoy it so you won't get bored
May 24th 2016 19:54:44
0.00000000000000000001% drop rate i guess.
I've been trying for more than 6 hours and killed 780 of them and didn't got a single one.
May 17th 2016 18:33:47
Got it on #176 guess just luck
May 17th 2016 18:58:24
After keep killing for a while (40mins maybe?) i got 4 varv skin
drop rate is not that low
May 5th 2016 13:43:53
Varv Skin Drop Chance:0.0001%
Apr 17th 2016 09:30:47
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