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Fishing Rod

Item Database • Fishing Rod

Common Info

KR Name낚시대
Fishing Rod
Weight: 1
Obtained from Fishermen.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 10%
Drop Chance: 5%
Drop Chance: 4%
Drop Chance: 5%

Required For


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Entrance of Kateen Forest
Crit Rate +1
Collection: Saknis Plains
Stamina +1
Collection: Grynas Hills
Crit Attack +1

Comments (5)

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Mar 19th 2017 11:21:35
Killed 329 Red Fishermen to get 7 Rods
Nov 13th 2016 06:46:52
One of my characters got it fast, and the other not. I conclude each character has their own hidden luck.
May 31st 2016 13:31:09
Got my first fishing rod after killing 142 red fishermen. I don't think that's 5% at all. xD
Jun 12th 2016 03:23:27
@R-kin strange, I got a couple in minutes .. i think it's more then 5% .. how do they come up with these % numbers anyway ?
Sep 26th 2017 10:53:44
Assuming they use the standard rule for drop rates in the % valuation, usually calculated as 100% minus chance for zero or other drops (in this case 95%) plus (drop rate bonus x item drop rate).
If drop rate bonus is 1% you will get a plus of whatever 1 x drop rate% is as an extra chance.

You get it because of the age old reason, you are lucky. The item drop rate is 5% for each kill, so doesnt matter how much you kill it is still 5% no matter what. Even if you kill 1000 the rate is still 5% for each and doesnt become 50% drop rate just because you killed 1000.
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