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Shredded Spirit Matter

Item Database • Shredded Spirit Matter

Common Info

KR Name쉬레디드의 사념체
Shredded Spirit Matter
Weight: 1
A physical manifestation of a strong spirit. You might become possessed if you handle it without a safety device.
Obtained from Shreddeds.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.38%
Drop Chance: 0.23%
Drop Chance: 0.23%

Required For


Name Items Bonus
Collection: Crystal Mine 2F
HP +45
Collection: Sutatis Trade Route
DEF +1

Comments (6)

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Nov 22nd 2016 18:18:28
Dropped on #362
Oct 13th 2016 16:07:43
I don't know if this is juts luck or not, but i found the Spirit Matter and the Cloth at the exact same place.
District 5 in Mine F2. At the place where a group of monsters ambushed you.
I found the Cloth first and then the Spirit Matter around 15-30 minutes later while kill count still < 100.
Sep 30th 2016 01:20:56
AutoAtk staff?! Awesome!
Sep 12th 2016 06:37:25
Dropped after only 4th kill! In Crystal Mine still ZERO drop!
Jul 8th 2016 16:07:19
Dropped on #239
Jun 23rd 2016 08:15:29
1900 Shredded kills for 2 Spirit Matter and 2 Cloth
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