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Deadborn Scap Archer Gem

Item Database • Deadborn Scap Archer Gem

Common Info

KR Name데드본스캡의 궁수의 젬
Socket SlotWeapon or Hand
Deadborn Scap Archer Gem
Weight: 1
Not Tradeable
A gem that can be found in a dungeon. It is able to enhance equipment by equipping it in a socket. Cannot be used with same effect simultaneously. Right-click to insert it to an equipment.

Improved Skill

Running Shot

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.02%

Comments (10)

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Nov 10th 2016 21:52:27
its real dude?7k kill and no drop yet lol
Jul 3rd 2016 15:33:01
5 eq equipped by this and will make you the most complete savior in the tree
Jul 20th 2016 13:06:52
@necrodor21I thought Quarrel Shooters were supposed to hold their ground while attacking from behind the shield. Never thought they're actually a ranged mobile infantry
Jul 25th 2016 05:13:32
@lesstea unfortunately its only inserted to weapon or hand and only 1 gem was able to effected char
Jul 26th 2016 04:41:01
@necrodor21hey, who knows? Maybe they'll do some ridiculous patch that allows ppl to put more than one monster gem with the same type.

They already made Teardown to be immune to silence after all.
Jul 27th 2016 14:34:37
@lesstea if it can be stacked then max equipped by that gem is 2 with no upgrades
Jun 11th 2016 08:56:56
I've killed 406 archers at King's pleteau and no drop Yet. :(
Jul 6th 2016 04:14:29
10000 kill ;(
Jun 9th 2016 03:38:09
Dropped by Deadborn Scap Archers at King's Plateau
Jun 9th 2016 07:38:25
@Kromwulf nice thanks
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