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Abomination Cube

Item Database • Abomination Cube

Common Info

KR Name어보미네이션의 큐브
Abomination Cube
Weight: 5
Not Tradeable
It seems to contain something unknown.
Right-click to use.

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 10%



Comments (4)

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Jul 15th 2016 06:25:22
I just killed my first Abomination and got a cube aswell, is it possible to kill him without getting a cube?
May 29th 2016 10:53:48
Every Abomination i fought (5 in total so far) dropped the Cube. Hence it is not just a 10% chance. Anyone can agree to that?
May 19th 2016 09:01:02
Saw (two handed sword) drop from abomination's cube
May 22nd 2016 00:32:30
@Uruboz yeah got that as well. i think this is kinda like a mystery box
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