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5kg Dumbbell

Item Database • 5kg Dumbbell

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KR Name덤벨 5kg
Item Level0

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Jul 7th 2016 00:56:50
You mean from Sparkly Cubes earned from Receptionist Liam ? I just get Gems from this cubes like.. Always
Jun 16th 2016 23:17:13
Can be droped in party event? (and Idk how party event works) D:
May 28th 2016 00:07:32
Obtainable from party quest reward box (daily repeatable) in fedimian.

Adds 1 stack of [Muscle Pumping] on use, up to 10 times.
Each stack increases str and decreases max stamina for 10 minutes. Each use refreshes existing stacks if at 10. Can switch to offhand again without losing buff.

For me (archer) went to 190 str from 160 with 10 stacks and 16 max stamina down from 36. Could be variable results.
Jun 8th 2016 21:39:34
Thank you for this.
Jun 14th 2016 04:58:49
@Cyriel this is 100% drop rate from quest party or .1%??? how many party quest needed?
Jun 14th 2016 15:52:26

Theoretically infinite. Absolutely closer to 0.01 than 0.1. No idea how much. I know like 15 people have it on Fedimian.
Jun 20th 2016 18:31:06
@Cyriel By «Party Quest» do you mean Missions (like Siauliai)?
Jun 26th 2016 02:51:03
@arzh.mael no there's the guy in the same room across who gives out party only quests. most of them you can solo but they require you to be in a party. also has a lvl >100 requirement like most things there.
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