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Fallen Angel Wings

Item Database • Fallen Angel Wings

Common Info

KR Name타락천사날개
Item Level0

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Nov 25th 2017 13:38:15
I take this from kill monster in Demon Prison 2 map and then drop red crystal, and then you go inside somewhere in this map. And use your red crystal to open the chest.
Apr 8th 2016 14:26:50
drop where ?
Apr 20th 2016 02:55:37

Drop inside 2nd demon prison, when you killed the vubbe thief go and open the chest with the red crystal.
May 17th 2016 18:09:59

So it's a 100% chance to get this hat ?
May 20th 2016 02:38:31
The chest can give a recipe, all gem types, Chaser (1h spear) and those, as far as I know. Might be more
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