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Fox Mask

Item Database • Fox Mask

Common Info

KR Name여우가면
Item Level0

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.09%
Drop Chance: 0.09%

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Jul 19th 2017 23:17:26
1725 kills at 3h 43m, with breaking my weapon once and the Field Boss spawning (but I let it go because I didn't want competition).

This thing was a fucking myth, and I almost gave up. Absolutely absurd amount of time to farm this, and in no small part due to the sparseness of the mobs.

You can manipulate spawns to keep the majority in the larger areas, but I had some questing newbie pass through and ruin that, so I only had about over half of the mobs to bounce between to avoid passing the field boss to the north to check.

The Medakia like to spawn in corners and wander in packs of 1-3. Sometimes, they'll drop down as 3. This sucked to farm because I killed a similar number of enemies to get the Deset Chupacabra Ears, but in a massively smaller amount of time by contrast.

I'm never farming this again unless it's on a character that moves at the speed of light.
Jul 12th 2017 17:09:35
were do you get those numbers :? #403 , #508 , #340 ??
Jul 13th 2017 09:23:45
nvm i got it
Jun 20th 2017 14:15:06
#403 Medakia's
Jun 5th 2017 17:16:58
Drop at #508 fox mask
May 22nd 2017 20:37:52
Drop at #340
Mar 20th 2017 07:58:37
got this one from a medakia that was glowing yellow. clover said "obtain great items"
Jan 1st 2017 14:19:34
At 1830 at the moment, still no mask and metal decoration. Got countless of gems, recipes, and horns already. My luck is so bad. :(
Dec 7th 2016 03:11:39
Lucky me, dropped after 8 kills
Nov 5th 2016 05:13:27
got it after 1879 kills
-leveled 7 lvls (without token 89-96)
-18 recipes
-countless yellow gem
-500+ horns
Sep 28th 2016 13:56:01
i got 2 straight on my 665th kill loool
Aug 5th 2016 09:48:44
Killed #1016 NA-DA
Jul 30th 2016 22:32:56
Got mask from #156
Jul 17th 2016 21:42:42
found in 825 kills
Jun 19th 2016 07:03:44
Average luck based on the drop rate. Worked with partner, took us about 2500 or so to roll 2 of them (1 for each of us). Ugh... its over now, it's finally over....
Jun 14th 2016 22:21:17
I was farming obsidian, in about I found 2 of these in about 20 minutes, but no obsisian of the rusrats
Jun 8th 2016 23:06:37
Found around 600 kills
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