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Bracelet of Linne

Item Database • Bracelet of Linne

Common Info

KR Name브레이슬릿 오브 린네
Item Level0

Dropped By

Drop Chance: 0.2%

Crafted By

Bracelet of Linne Recipe

Comments (5)

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Aug 25th 2016 13:32:21
Dropped from Lapasape Shaman Alter Way.
Jul 28th 2016 04:27:38
this is fun item, i was able to craft one, effect dont gives dilgeles and uosis thats very bad, but i hear stories about fruit of wisdom, and about stackable effect (2 stacks per 1 kill) with 2x bracelet, i think its overrated u cant get items to feed gems or tradable items worth of selling, not even major alchemist suplies, have fun.
Jul 16th 2016 05:41:26
good for druid
May 12th 2016 06:01:44
NVM, seems the herbs dropped from this item are untradeable according to ToS official forums
May 12th 2016 05:32:48
Anyone know if this item can stack, use two of them to reach 15 stacks or double 15s stacks effect?
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